About Us

You have a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a block, so why buy a B&C Block ™ from Booner Wildlife Systems?whitetaildeer

First the nutritional package that goes into the B&C Block™ was designed by our PhD Nutritionist who has over 40 years of experience designing rations and supplements in agricultural markets.

Second we evaluated and studied the latest research available to find out what a deer in the wild might require as a supplement to their nutritional needs throughout the year. Especially during more stressful times of the year such as antler growth, the rut or going through a tough winter.

Third, only three things really affect antler growth, genetics, age and nutrition. Out of these the only thing most hunters can hope to impact is nutrition. The B&C Block™ provides the nutritional support to help deer achieve their full potential. The block provides protein at a level high enough to fill in any shortfall the animal might have during the year. Calcium and Phosphorus are provided at a 2:1 ratio which is the level the body must have to properly grow bone. Salt which deer need and crave and a trace mineral and vitamin package to cover any nutritional deficiencies the animal might experience throughout the year.

Suggested Retail Price is $25